A complimentary 30 minute phone consultation is offered to assist you in making a clear decision about choosing a therapist.  You may use this time to ask questions about our practice, therapy approach, or style of working with people. We may also use this time to determine whether we are the most appropriate fit for your needs and goals for therapy.

At your initial appointment you can expect to meet with your therapist for 45-60 minutes. During that time you will talk with your therapist about what prompted you to enter therapy and complete an assessment that helps your therapist gain an understanding of who you are. It is through this discussion that you and your therapist will  develop specific goals for your work together.

Your therapy plan will be tailored to meet your needs.  Some people complete short term therapy in five to six sessions.  Others have more complex issues that require longer term therapy.  It is not unusual to be engaged in therapy for six months to a year.  Typically, you will meet with your therapist on a weekly basis.  Once you experience progress, you may move to biweekly or monthly appointments depending upon your goals.


Once you have scheduled a new appointment with our Practice Manager, you will receive a link to our Client Portal. Then you will be able to complete our Intake Paperwork and Disclosures.  

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Alleviating Anxiety


Transforming Depression


Enhancing Relationships


Addictions Counseling


Mindfulness Training


Stress Management


Trauma Informed Therapy





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