Pathways to Peace and Authenticity

Women's Empowerment Series.

Living In Balance

Join this 6-week course to explore how you lose your energy while pressuring yourself to be perfect, productive and safe.  We will develop an inner balance and work to connect more directly with our authenticity.  


This is an extended program designed to provide the ongoing support of a community of women while you rewire and rebirth a brighter, more vibrant version of Yourself.

Align With Your True Self

Commit to yourself in this 6-week course that explores how we relate to our emotions, our bodies, our thoughts, our energetic being and our ability to make sense of the world.  

Reclaim Your Wholeness

Retreat to Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO for an entire weekend to learn about how we abandon ourselves and gain tools for reconnecting, rewiring, and recentering. 

"I loved the energy of the workshop! The women were compassionate, supportive & understanding. Even though we were all there for different reasons, I felt very connected to everyone by the end of the day. I left feeling peaceful, positive & ready to make some changes in my life. Thank you for everything!"

Awaken Your Inner Fire

"Beth was so skilled at creating a safe space for me to dig deep and identify what my struggles are. The exercises were meaningful and helped me get real clarity about where I get stuck. I am excited about moving foward with my new intentions." 

Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend Retreat




Weekend Retreat Late Spring 2018


Join other couragous women at Snow Mountian Ranch in the beatiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado as we connect deeply with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Women are overwhelmed as they try to "do it all" or feel as though they have to surrender to everyone else's needs and wants. However, when we dig deeply, we discover something very different is possible. 

We discover a life in which women can fully embody the most powerful and fierce warrior goddesses within.This provides energy to meet our own needs while having more room to support the ones we love.


In this retreat you will:

  • summon YOUR Warrior Goddess — the fiery, truth-telling, wild and free part of you.
  • access and embody your tender, vulnerable, creative and passionate sides.
  • learn to trust your inner knowing, using this guidance to support you to finding your joy and passion.

When you fully embrace your power — by letting go of other’s scripts for you, your own self-judgement and the fantasy of perfection — you create the space to be fully, authentically YOU.

You will initiate an inner revolution — allowing your real strength to emerge along with a softening and surrendering that allows the soul’s essence to THRIVE. That’s the ultimate secret of the Warrior Goddess: through embracing her innate strength AND tender humanness, she is unleashed to be fully herself.

Activating the Warrior Goddess in you is essential — for your own empowerment as well as for the benefit of the earth and our global communities who need the reclamation of your primal power, now more than ever before. So, embracing the FULL spectrum of yourself, is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself, but ignites the best Self you can give to your family, your community and the world...

Honoring your Warrior Goddess within is having the courage to be absolutely YOU

and recognize that you ARE enough.

Join other women who are committed to living in authenticity.

Immediate registration is strongly encouraged, as this event will sell out. 


While attending the retreat, you will:

  • Be inspired take actions that dissolve judgment, fear, and scarcity thinking so you can  access your innate wisdom
  • Connect to your heart, your creativity and your joyful essence
  • Discover new pathways to commit to yourself and your purpose
  • Unplug, rejuvenate and blossom


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"And the day came when the risk to remain a tight bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom" Anais Nin