Pathways to Peace and Authenticity

Women's Empowerment Series.

Living In Balance

Join this 5-week course to explore how you lose your energy while pressuring yourself to be perfect, productive and safe.  We will develop an inner balance and work to connect more directly with our authenticity.  

Warrior Heart Living

This is a one day mini-retreat to help you turn confusion into clarity and pain into peace.  this is an experiential workshop that will change the way you see your life.  

Align With Your True Self

Commit to yourself in this 6-week course that explores how we relate to our emotions, our bodies, our thoughts, our energetic being and our ability to make sense of the world.  

Reclaim Your Wholeness

Retreat to Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO for an entire weekend to learn about how we abandon ourselves and gain tools for reconnecting, rewiring, and recentering. 

Pathways to Peace and Authenticity

Let's Talk Social Anxiety

Develop communication strategies to alleviate social anxiety and reduce negative self talk through a structured group therapy experience.


Online Meditation Group

This is a 6 week Tele-therapy course in which Beth Barta will guide you through a visualiation/meditation experience and offer a teaching on self-regulation, meditation, or connecting with yourself. 

Pathway to Peace

Transform the way you see your self, your life and the way everything worksin the world.  Gain tools for developing a regular spiritual practice as well as practices that wire in the courage to fully be and express yourself in the world.

Therapuetic Book Club

This is weekly group for men and women to read, study and discuss a personal growth related book in a circle facilitated by a therapist.   

"I loved the energy of the workshop! The women were compassionate, supportive & understanding. Even though we were all there for different reasons, I felt very connected to everyone by the end of the day. I left feeling peaceful, positive & ready to make some changes in my life. Thank you for everything!"

Awaken Your Inner Fire

"Beth was so skilled at creating a safe space for me to dig deep and identify what my struggles are. The exercises were meaningful and helped me get real clarity about where I get stuck. I am excited about moving foward with my new intentions." 

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"And the day came when the risk to remain a tight bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom" Anais Nin