The standard fee for a 50-minute session with an individual, family, or couple with a Masters Level Clinician is $140.00.  There may be times when a session may last 90 minutes, in that case the fee is $210.00.  A fee will be charged for all other auxiliary services including mental health evaluations, progress reports, collateral contacts, or any other report or services made at the request of the client. Fees for auxiliary services will be agreed upon prior to commencement of such services. Also, a fee will be charged at the session rate on a pro-rated basis for phone calls longer than ten (10) minutesCourt Testimony or Appearances will be charged at the rate of $500 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum.

We have providers who are registered with most major insurance companies; including Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Optum, Cigna, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Cofinity, First Health, and Multi Plan. We are often working to become providers to new companies so check with us if you do not see your insurance company listed here.


Your insurance provider will be able to determine whether your counselor is a participating provider. It is your responsiblity to verify your benefits.  We will check your benefits as a courtesy. You will be fully responsible for payment, especially if insurance quotes incorrect benefits or your plan converage changes.  At times, it can take up to a year for insurance to process claims or we have experienced them coming back to us to get a refund for services that were paid but processed incorrectly. If this happens, you are responsible for payment of the services provided.  Additionally, we will work with you so that you can submit out-of-network insurance claims to your insurance company or claims to your cafeteria plan or Health Savings Account.


Cash and checks and credit cards are accepted. We are also able to process Spending/Health Savings Credit Cards.


We believe that anyone who is interested in seeking out therapy should be able to, regardless of their ability to pay. This is why we keep our fee as low as possible.  There are some circumstances in which a lower fee may be negotiated.  Furthermore, we employ masters level interns so that we may be able to provide a deeper discount. Please inquire with your therapist during your initial phone conversation or session.

Experts In:


Alleviating Anxiety


Transforming Depression


Enhancing Relationships


Addictions Counseling


Mindfulness Training


Stress Management


Trauma Informed Therapy





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